A primary source of Domestic Violence Law is found in Abuse Prevention Laws. There are a number of orders that a family or household member can get from the court in regards to abuse prevention. A family member or household member may be able to get a No Abuse Order, a No Contact Order, a Vacate Order or a Temporary Custody of Child Order.Visitation can be very important to a parent who has lost custody of a child; however, a court may put a number of restrictions on that right. For example, visitation may have to be conducted in the presence of a third party and the court may prohibit overnight visitations. An individual may also have to pay a number of fees, including support and damage to property, to name a few.Penalties for violating an abuse prevention order can result in up to 2 ½ years in the House of Corrections. Dollarphotoclub_47274484

There is a lot at stake in the issuance of an abuse prevention order. A court may enter a temporary order; however, the individual who has an abuse prevention order against him or her has the right to be heard in court to show that the order should not be extended.

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