An individual charged with Operating Under the Influence (“OUI”) faces the possibility of 2 ½ years in the House of Corrections and possible fines/fees. The individual will also have his or her license suspended for 1 year; however, a hardship license may be obtained in 3 months for work or educational purposes and in 6 months for general purposes.

24D Disposition for 1st Offense

If an individual is charged with an OUI for the first time, and the judge feels that the individual would be a good candidate, the judge may allow for a 24D Disposition. This includes probation, a license suspension for 45 to 90 days and attendance and completion of a first offenders (24D) program, which lasts 16 weeks. There may also be fines/fees in addition to these requirements.

Second Chance 24D

If an individual was charged with a first offense OUI ten or more years ago, he or she may be eligible to repeat the 24D program for the new offense. There may also be fines/fees in addition to the requirements of the 24D program.

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